From Barcelona to Lisbon: Laureates of the Queen Elisabeth Competition

From 07/10/21 To 14/10/21
8 Days

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From Barcelona to Lisbon: Laureates of the Queen Elisabeth Competition
Cruise ID : Y071021
Cruise Continent : Western Mediterranean
Cruise Duration : 7 Days
Departure Date : 07/10/21
Arrival Date : 14/10/21
Departure Port : Barcelona
Arrival Port : Lisbon

PONANT invites you on a musical cruise with the exceptional presence of Alain Duault.

Discover the wonders of Spain's east coast, sailing on to Lisbon, during an exceptional 8-day cruise, aboard Le Lyrial

Your voyage will begin in Barcelona, a city in perpetual movement, where you will set out on the traces of Gaudí, and fall under the spell of his famous architectural works, such as the Sagrada Familia cathedral. 

Then, you will discover the remarkable heritage and ancient sites of Tarragona and Cartagena. In Valencia, a lively city brimming with culture, do not miss the Silk Exchange, a flamboyant Gothic masterpiece listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, illustrating how powerful this mercantile city was in the 15th and 16th centuries.

You will then head to Andalusia, where you will discover Málaga and Cadiz, one of the country's oldest cities, built on a rock and surrounded by the sea. These calls will allow those who wish to visit the superb Alhambra of Grenada, and the cathedral and the palace of the Alcázar of Seville, UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Your journey will conclude with a visit to Lisbon. This city with its nostalgic charm has a unique personality, a blend of tramways, museums and listed buildings.

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€ 11640*
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€ 14880*
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Prestige Deck 4

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Prestige Deck 5 Suite

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*Please note that whilst we make every effort to provide you the most accurate and up-to date information prices are subject to change. 

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