Africa Cruises

The cradle of humanity, Africa is a destination with 1001 faces.


This exceptional mosaic of colours and dialects is the foundation for the cultural richness of the world’s oldest inhabited continent. This wild and unchanging land also boasts an infinite variety of landscapes. Forested savannah, cosmopolitan cities, arid deserts, remote villages, majestic mountains and picture-postcard beaches form an authentic setting that is home to extraordinarily prolific wildlife. Ponant invites you to discover this ethnic and topographical diversity during its African cruises. Through the various itineraries on offer, you will steep yourself in the very unique atmosphere of the continent.

Sailing towards the coast of West Africa you will fall under the spell of the most beautiful islands of Cape Verde. Far from the beaten track, at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, you will witness firsthand how the islands offer a unique blend of the influences of these three continents.

Further south, you will sail along the east coast and discover southern Africa, “a world in a single country”. This cruise in South Africa will take you from Cape Town to Durban, two cities rich in contrasts between modernity and tradition.

You can also chart a course towards Victoria, capital of the Seychelles, at the heart of the Indian Ocean. As the cruise progresses, you will discover the beauty of the Scattered Islands, Madagascar, Aldabra, Alphonse and La Digue. Magical sites, truly paradises on earth, lying on a turquoise backdrop.

A cruise in Africa with Ponant is the promise of a fascinating adventure and a total change of scenery.


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