Alaska Cruises

A blend of mountains, glaciers and forests of unrivalled beauty, Alaska is also home to an unspoiled wild animal population.


“It’s a crazy story… about more than one hundred thousand men who settled in the solitude of the Far North in Alaska to pursue their dreams: to find gold and discover the mythical world of American pioneers…”. This is how Jack LONDON described the story of this vast region in his famous novel The Call of the Wild.

With its wide open spaces, gigantic glaciers, jagged mountains, tundra that stretches out to infinity and sparkling lakes, Alaska invites you to journey in the footsteps of the fur traders and gold prospectors!

We invite you to cruise along the South East coast of Alaska, whose “Interior Passage” was crafted by the sculpture of imposing glaciers to make room for vertiginous fjords. Here, Nature is shaped by glacier fronts, coniferous forests, and myriad islands and islets where the soft light of the midnight sun lights up the sky and the horizon. Do not miss this opportunity to discover Juneau, the Alaskan capital long inhabited by the Tlingit Indians, Skagway, or Haines, over whose colourful houses flies the majestic Bald Eagle.

The expedition itineraries will introduce adventure seekers to wild and unspoilt nature between Alaska and Eastern Siberia, from the Wrangel Nature Reserve to the Pribilof volcanic islands, during unique stopovers, hikes, or daily outings in a Zodiac® dinghy.

An adventure that is rich in emotions…


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