Arctic Cruises

There are places in this world whose primeval beauty evokes feelings of a rare intensity: with its stunning landscapes, the Arctic is one such place.


At the heart of these faraway lands, when the ice floes break up, when the sun no longer sets below the horizon and the snow-covered peaks shed their white mantle for a brief Summer, our ships will find their way to introduce travellers to a polar desert of ice and water, a world where time stands still.

Far from the usual cruise itineraries, from Iceland to Spitsbergen, from Greenland to the mythical Northwest Passage via the unspoiled coastlines of the Russian Far East, we invite you to cruise in the wake of the great Explorers who dreamt of one day conquering this remote region.

From one port of call to the next, aboard our Zodiac® dinghies or during one of the shore visits, discover the imposing Arctic landscapes thanks to our “Expedition” cruises. Always in the company of experienced Naturalist-Guides, meet the Inuit people, living to the rhythm of the changing seasons and preserving their ancestral culture and way of life, or discover the local wildlife, lazing in the ice floe or playing in the wake of your ship. Let your imagination wander, because enjoying these places means pushing back boundaries and dreaming of the absolute…

Rare and unique moments, dreams of escape in the heart of forgotten lands.


Available Arctic Cruises