Asia Cruises

A vast continent of multiple facets, Asia is a truly astonishing place, rich with its way of life and its extensive savoir-faire. Between modernity and eternal traditions, our 5-star cruises in Asia will offer you a condensed overview of its history and culture.


For all travellers, seeking the exotic appeal of diverse cultures, individual yet merged, Asia is bound to fulfil all your wishes…

We are offering you a chance to discover the mysterious and captivating ancient continent of Asia through unique stopovers, and to get as close as possible to its history, traditions and many vestiges.

Aboard our sister ships, discover the Japanese archipelago, its enchanting cities and its ancestral customs, whose secrets are safeguarded by the magnificent vermilion “Torii”. Farther on, the coast of Vietnam will reveal itself to you as a long crescent stretching out in the China Sea, its dynastic cities standing alongside its scented trading posts.

Your ship will then sail you to the heart of unspoiled archipelagos, between the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua, not to mention the Moluccas and the Solomon Islands with their pristine beauty, before visiting the shores of China, whose many treasures reveal an intensely rich and complex culture.

Speaking of Asia, Marco POLO was right: though it may originally have been seen as a singular destination, its wealth and treasures are plural.

Set sail for new travel experiences, brimming with excitement and unusual encounters…


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