Mediterranean Cruises

Between calm waters and lush green pine forests, let yourself fall under the spell of the gentle way of life aboard a luxury cruise in the Mediterranean.


We invite you to sail around the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean with the azure sky as your backdrop, aboard Le Ponant and Le Boréal. The sunshine, mild climate and beauty of the landscapes are undoubtedly the source of this region’s reputation as the world’s leading holiday destination.

Craggy coastlines or smooth rounded shores, Mediterranean pines, cliffs that overhang the sea or inlets of clear water, fragrant coastal pathways, hills planted with olive trees, picturesque villages – we offer you the magic of these lands, a blend of classic destinations and unexpected treasures. The countries that border this legendary sea are home to some of the world’s greatest architectural masterpieces, and enjoy an exceptional quality of life. All are teeming with magnificent treasures, some famous, some forgotten…

Corsica, the Island of Beauty, blends the contrast of its austere mountain villages with the Mediterranean character of its ports, whilst Italy reveals its palette of colours: the blue of the sky and the sea, the baked red of the roofs and bricks, the golden yellow of the harvest and the bright yellow of its lemons. Then Spain offers you its friendly cities, including languorous Malaga and Andalusian Cadiz. Lastly, golf lovers must not miss the beautiful courses that are to be found in Sardinia, Provence, Corsica, Sicily and Spain.


Available Mediterranean Cruises