North America Cruises

Captivating, surprising and fascinating, visiting North America cruise means journeying through the lands of the New World.


With both a Pacific and an Atlantic coast, North America has always been a vast land of opportunity. A melting pot of communities coming from the four corners of the earth, it is fascinating for its cultural diversity and its sheer scale. These patchworks of populations and landscapes with their varying colours will make your cruise in America a trip that is rich in adventure. From the wild open spaces of the Canadian Far North to the spectacular cities of the United States, Ponant will take you to the heart of legendary lands where everything is larger than life.

From Kangerlussuaq, you will sail to Quebec via the Strait of Belle Isle, where the pristine natural environment is still the dominant force in the region. With their many fjords and glaciers, the ports of call of your Canadian cruise will rival each other in beauty.

A cruise along the mythical Saint Lawrence River will take you to the point where fresh and sea water mix. Sailing on to New England you will discover the Magdalen Islands, a miniature country with a mountainous aspect, enlivened by the green of its valleys, the red of its cliffs and the blue of its waters.

In a sharply contrasting setting, you will go ashore at the heart of the fascinating cities of the United States’ East Coast.  Essential New Yorkwill give you a glimpse of the effervescence in its lively neighbourhoods while Boston, in contrast, will enchant you with the reminders of its colonial past.

Mountains and glaciers, wild and pristine coast lines or immense metropolises, a cruise in North America offers an extraordinary palette of discoveries.


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