By taking a number of back-to-back cruises (not including ocean voyages) you can enjoy the 10% off your second back-to-back cruise.

For certain destinations (Asia, South America, Alaska, Australia, Pacific), we apply the offer below:

20% off your second back-to-back cruise.

30% off your third back-to-back cruise.

40% off your fourth back-to-back cruise.

If you have purchased the last cruise before the ocean crossing, you can stay on board and continue your cruise to the other side of the ocean for FREE*.

Or, if you have purchased the first cruise after the open crossing, you can join the ship on the other side of the ocean, cross it and continue with your cruise. The ocean crossing is FREE*.

*Subject to cabin availability.

Children aged from 8 – 11 sharing a Superior Cabin or a Prestige Suite with 2 adults: Free of charge for the port-port cruise (apart from customs and port taxes).

For children under the age of 8, an authorisation to board the ship must be requested during booking and parents must sign a responsibility waiver. In all cases, children and young minors are under the complete and total responsibility of their parents or guardians both aboard the ship and on land.

Teenagers, age 12 – 18,  receive a 50% discount if the cabin is shared with another adolescent or adult.

Please note that for safety reasons, children under the age of 3 are not allowed on board our ships.

Guests who enjoyed cruising on our ships can introduce PONANT to their relatives and friends and take advantage of the Sponsorship offer. As sponsors, they receive a € 300 reduction per stateroom on their next cruise, after the person they sponsor has returned from theirs; they in turn enjoy a reduction of € 200 on their first cruise. Referral can be made by sending us the information below by E-mail at:

REFERRAL: Ponant Yacht Club number (optional), Last name, first name, postal address, email.

REFEREE: Last name, first name, postal address, email.

+7 499 609 7070

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