Gastronomy & Oenology Cruises

Whether you are an amateur or a fine connoisseur, join us aboard our luxurious, smaller-sized ships to experience a unique cruise on the theme of Gastronomy or Wine.


Prestigious ports of call

For these themed cruises, Ponant has designed unique itineraries for lovers of French cuisine, wine and the sea. You will sail off to discover carefully selected ports of call in cities with a rich cultural heritage. During your visits, you will be surprised by exceptional culinary and wine-tasting experiences.

A journey to the land of flavours

On board your ship, Ponant, who is forging a close partnership with the experts from Alain Ducasse Entreprise, will serve you tasty and varied cuisine, punctuated by entertainment and gala dinners. Special attention will be paid to the wines that will be offered to you during these Gastronomy and Wine cruises: an exclusive wine list, wines carefully chosen to complement your meals…

Renowned professionals*

These themed cruises will be an opportunity to cruise alongside illustrious guests such as the Michelin-starred chefs Jérôme Nutile or Patrick Jeffroy, the famous sommelier Eric Beaumard, or the French wine and gastronomy specialist Jean-Robert Pitte. They will share with you their passion for fine dining, through degustations, workshops and fascinating lectures.

*These names are given as an example only, the special guests on your cruise can be found in the “guests” tab.


Available Gastronomy & Oenology Cruises

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